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It’s #Inktober time again!


I had a lot of fun with the Inktober challenge last year, so it was brilliant to get stuck into this year’s Inktober challenge. And just like last year, it was a chance to get a bit more creative and use a few more materials than what I normally do.

Here are the 31 sketches I did. Enjoy!

Day 1: Swift


Day 2: Divided


Day 3: PosionInktober2017-3-Poison_sml

Day 4: UnderwaterInktober2017-4-Underwater_sml

Day 5: LongInktober2017-5-Long_sml

Day 6: SwordInktober2017-6-Sword_sml

Day 7: ShyInktober2017-7-Shy_sml

Day 8: CrookedInktober2017-8-Crooked_sml

Day 9: ScreechInktober2017-9-Screech_sml

Day 10: GiganticInktober2017-10-Gigantic_sml

Day 11: RunInktober2017-11-Run_sml

Day 12: ShatteredInktober2017-12-Shattered_sml

Day 13: TeemingInktober2017-13-Teeming_sml

Day 14: FierceInktober2017-14-Fierce_sml

Day 15: MysteriousInktober2017-15-Mysterious_sml

Day 16: FatInktober2017-16-Fat_sml

Day 17: GracefulInktober2017-17-Graceful_sml

Day 18: FilthyInktober2017-18-Filthy_sml

Day 19: CloudsInktober2017-19-Clouds_sml

Day 20: DeepInktober2017-20-Deep_sml

Day 21: FuriousInktober2017-21-Furious_sml

Day 22: TrailInktober2017-22-Trail_sml

Day 23: JuicyInktober2017-23-Juicy_sml

Day 24: BlindInktober2017-24-Blind_sml

Day 25: ShipInktober2017-25-Ship_sml

Day 26: SqueakInktober2017-26-Squeak_sml

Day 27: ClimbInktober2017-27-Climb_sml

Day 28: FallInktober2017-28-Fall_sml

Day 29: UnitedInktober2017-29-United_sml

Day 30: FoundInktober2017-30-Found_sml

Day 31: MaskInktober2017-31-Mask_smlDid you do Inktober too? Let me know if you have your sketches up online, I’d like to see them. :)


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