Big fish in the study – a mural

Mural - detail

I’ve been wanting to paint a mural at home for ages. It actually took a friend, who was over at the time, to casually remark on the empty study (that I was painting a nice shade of light mushroom at the time): “You know, you should paint a mural”.

The study had a dark blue feature wall (remember those?) that the owners before us had thought was a good idea to do. I knew it would take me at least 3 coats to get that wall looking the same colour as the others, so yes, paint a mural instead, why not?

Taking the dark blue as a lead, and some earlier drawings of subject matter I’ve always been fond of, I sketched up some oriental-style koi and water patterns first, before opening the paint.

The making…

Mural - first step

I set to work on the lighter blue circles first, then overlaid that with white spiral patterns.

Mural - second step


I knew I wanted a fairly loose diagrammatic treatment for the fish, so I looped in some abstract watery white areas for where the fish would be.

Mural - third step

The next step was to add the orange lozenge areas.

Mural - fourth step

Once that was dry, I drew in the final outlines of the fish using prussian blue acrylic paint thinned with medium.

Mural - final step

And boom! It didn’t take that long to do, not as long as I thought it would.¬†You should try this yourself, it’s loads of fun and creates a grand statement for any room.


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