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Best client feedback ever

Client feedbackThis type of client feedback doesn’t come along very often!

Yesterday myself and a fellow Eskimo were conducting a concept testing session with various stakeholders on-site with a client. By concept testing, I mean running a set of activities geared to taking in structured, measurable feedback about interface sketches and other concepts that we’ve been working on.

All the stakeholders take to our sketches with green dots (for what is useful, and supports their jobs and expectations) and red dots (for what doesn’t). Further feedback and ideas are captured on post-its, for further discussion. This means that more accurate feedback is captured, and everyone gets a proper say.

We’re used to getting a range of feedback, but this post-it (above) is probably the best ever!

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  1. Ah that sleepless night was all worth it afterall.
    Mee too i love it. Those tabs look familiar.


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