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Government launches LivingGreener

The Environment Minister The Hon. Peter Garrett has just announced the launch of a new government website: It centralises a lot of government information available on living more sustainably, especially information about rebates, grants and loans available. home page home page

There’s been a tonne of work involved in getting this website live, and the Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts has done a brilliant job at researching and listening to the target audiences to deliver something that anyone and everyone can use.

I was involved as Senior Consultant at PTG Global with the user experience design for LivingGreener, including:

  • Personas and want maps design based on user research, website traffic analysis and statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • Information architecture, including an overall conceptual model based on leading people at whatever point they were at, on a journey towards being more active to live more sustainably
  • User interface design, with wireframes and prototypes and working with content writers to structure content to integrate action points throughout the website

This has been a really rewarding project to work on. One reason is that this website isn’t trying to be everything ‘environmental’ to everyone; it’s focused squarely on guiding people towards the government assistance available to help everyone do more for the environment. And that’s got to be a good thing.

This is only the launched version of the website too; there’s more content and functionality in the wings that will be rolled out – to borrow a phrase from the Prime Minister – in due season. ;)

So take a look:, and here’s the official press release, too. What do you think? What are some ways you think a website can motivate you to do more for the environment?

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  1. I think it’s great to finally have a site which directs visitors to loans, rebates etc in a simple fashion.

    I note that there is still content to be added to the site, however it seems to be fairly shallow at the moment.

    Most primary school aged children could tell you to change your lights and hot water system. What it also needs to do is give assistance to more interested members of the household on how to effect behavioural changes in the other members.

    There also needs more emphasis on communities – a house is not an island, to mangle a phrase. Perhaps the website could assist existing networks (e.g. food co-ops, cycle to work buddies) to link up and catch new members.

    A good example of a website attempting both these things is

    Lots of other ideas but I’ll leave it at that in the interest of brevity.



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