143 Visuals to Inspire You to Take Action
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I’ve been included in a sketchnotes e-book

The very generous Scott Torrance of Flux Insights has gone and included me in a new sketchnotes e-book. Isn’t that nice of him?

Scott has scoured the sketchnoteverse and curated a fine selection of sketchnotes and other visualisations and doodles, and published it as: 143 Visuals to Inspire You to Take Action. If you’re like me, and love sketchnotes (or anything involving visualising ideas and concepts), and take inspiration from others who do the same, you’ll get a kick out of this. And at time of writing, it’s still free.

As Scott said in an interview on SketchnoteArmy.com: “I hope it will inspire people if only in a small way. To inspire those who haven’t doodled since childhood to pick up a pen and paper and have some fun or give someone who is doodling in private the confidence to share their work in public“. As a massive fan of anyone stretching themselves creatively, I too hope this will be a catalyst for many people to explore this creative avenue. Thanks again Scott!