Ben Crothers-Changes

This is a piece I’m entering for the Atlassian Art Gala for Room to Read art auction event, titled Changes.

Room to Read is a great not-for-profit that promotes literacy and gender equality in education.  They work with communities and local governments across Asia and Africa to develop literacy skills and reading among primary school children.

I wanted to use colour in this piece to evoke the playfulness of childhood, as well as a source of unconstrained energy. The Khmer lettering (kar phlasa btau r, trans. “Changes”) is part of the mental and emotional ‘conversation’ the viewer has with this work: for most people viewing this, they won’t understand the text, which gives a window into what it’s like not being able to read, to gain meaning, to share. But the beauty of the lettering, as well as the rings (evoking uncovered value) keeps that conversation positive.

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Sketchnoting the brand experience

Portion of the sketchnote for TheConnectedBrand

Well wouldn’t you know it: it turns out sketchnoting isn’t just something to do at conferences, but works just as well at communicating a company’s proposition on its own website.

Stand around me long enough and you’ll know I’m a big fan of sketching in general, and sketchnoting in particular. I’ve taken to sketchnoting more at work these days, graphically facilitating on behalf of a speaker, or even just as a way of scribing a workshop discussion. It’s fun, and it generates something that people find useful to read afterwards, rather than stodgy old workshop notes.

I was approached recently by the lovely folks at The Connected Brand, to turn their proposition deck explaining the value of their brand consultancy, into a sketchnote. And it worked really well. Which should come as no surprise; they had already done a great job crafting a set of messages about how they help their clients and their brands, so it made my job all the more easy and fun to convert this into pictures (and a few words).

You can see the final result on their home page.