Our new Rancilio Silva coffee machine
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My new friend I wake up to every morning

Everyone, meet our new Rancilio Silva coffee machine, my wife’s birthday present to me – well, really, for both of us. And anyone else who happens by our place and wants a coffee.

We had a Sunbeam machine for years, but it finally packed it in. It actually broke down about a year ago, took AGES to get fixed with a local appliance fixing place (definitely not recommending them), then lasted only a few months more.

After doing it tough with a little stove-top coffee pot for a while, Libby chose my birthday as the opportunity to kit ourselves out again. What marvelous taste she has.

And this thing is a little pocket rocket: it warms up in no time, the steam pressure is incredible, and the best thing I’ve found so far is that we can run shots and steam milk without having to worry about what order to do them in. The Sunbeam one got really cranky if you tried to do any more shots after using the steam wand.