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Creativity activity: letterscouting

Here’s a simple, fun and effective activity to try if you’re after a quick way to stimulate creativity: letterscouting. You can try this by yourself or in a team, and the results can be really surprising.

All you need is a camera phone. OK, you could use any type of camera, but there’s something about the quick convenience of a camera phone that lends itself to this sort of activity. The point of this activity is not to produce perfect photos but to stimulate creative observation of the world around us and looking/thinking at/of familiar things in new ways.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Set yourself – or your team – a time limit. 5 minutes is plenty.
  2. Roam around and take a photo of something that looks like each letter of your name. So if your name is Ben (like mine), you should end up with 3 photos – one that looks like a B, one that looks like an E, and one an N. Of course you can take photos of letters in signage, graffiti, and so on, but you get extra points (read creative satisfaction) if you can find letters in real-world objects and their placement.
  3. Come back together again and share the results.

You might want to then compile them and put them somewhere to share. They look really cool put together as your name, and even cooler as a group of names. And unless you happen to have a really long name, you may need more than 5 minutes… but the idea is to not look for the perfect photo, just anything that looks reasonably like letters.

I did this activity with my team at Digital Eskimo, at the end of our team meeting, and it was pretty fun. Here’s mine:

A set of photos of real-world objects that go together to make my name, Ben

… and here’s a couple more:

Photos of real-world objects that string together to look like the name STEPHEN

Photos of real-world objects that string together to look like the name YVONNE

So try it! Who knows, maybe we should start a Tumblr blog or Pinterest board for this sort of thing. If you know of one, or want to start one, please let me know.

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New portfolio website

Ben Crothers portfolio website

It’s been ages since I’ve shown anything I’ve been working on. Plus, there’s a growing amount of stuff like sketchnotes, storyboards and bits and pieces that don’t really have a home on this website. So I’ve done up a new portfolio site at

It was also a great opportunity to get my hands dirty with some HTML5/CSS/CSS3/responsive design coding. I’m a big believer in having a decent working knowledge of the platforms, frameworks and code that ultimately bring to life the digital experiences I design, so it made sense for my latest code project to include HTML5 and responsive design.

Take a look, see what you think. I’d also be interested to know what it’s like on your mobile device – feel free to let me know if anything looks kinda wrong…!