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Best client feedback ever

Client feedbackThis type of client feedback doesn’t come along very often!

Yesterday myself and a fellow Eskimo were conducting a concept testing session with various stakeholders on-site with a client. By concept testing, I mean running a set of activities geared to taking in structured, measurable feedback about interface sketches and other concepts that we’ve been working on.

All the stakeholders take to our sketches with green dots (for what is useful, and supports their jobs and expectations) and red dots (for what doesn’t). Further feedback and ideas are captured on post-its, for further discussion. This means that more accurate feedback is captured, and everyone gets a proper say.

We’re used to getting a range of feedback, but this post-it (above) is probably the best ever!

Sketching Service Design at Service Design Thinks and Drinks
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Sketching in service design

Anyone who stands next to me long enough knows that I really enjoy sketching. The other night I had a great opportunity to do just that: I spoke at a Service Design Thinks & Drinks event (big thanks to Damian Kernahan at Proto Partners for the invitation) on sketching techniques as part of service design thinking and practice.

I skimmed through various ways that sketching helps others to communicate to us (and each other) in workshops, and us communicate to others, through deliverables like journey maps, storyboards and domain models.

But the really fun part was demonstrating some simple techniques and shortcuts to sketch the sorts of things we often need to depict in service design: people and their expressions and moods, everyday objects, pathways and metaphors… even (gasp) drawing in 3D.

You can grab the Sketching in Service Design slides from Slideshare, which also include some ‘pre-fabbed’ sketches at the end.And thanks to Damian’s thinking and camera skills, there’s footage of the sketching here, via Vimeo:

Service Design Thinks & Drinks Sydney : Ben Crothers from damian kernahan on Vimeo.

The best part for me was being able to sketch in front of everyone, rather than just being another talking warm body in front of a slide deck. I’d rigged up an old webcam stuck to a small lamp, and it worked surprisingly well. The lamp illuminated the sketchbook where I was drawing, and the webcam fed the video through the laptop to the big screen behind me. I was also able to flick from the deck to the live capture, depending on what I was talking about.

Here’s hoping to do it again soon!