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New websites to get us talking about human rights

Something in CommonTwo new websites have just been launched by the Australian Human Rights Commission. Both websites work together to help educate the community about human rights issues in Australia, and to open up non-confrontational conversation:

Something in Common:

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know:

I’m very happy to have been part of these websites, and very proud of the team who put them together, both at the Commission, and at Digital Eskimo.

The research we conducted showed that most people considered human rights to be an overseas problem, a ‘poor people’ problem. And it’s true, you don’t have to look far across the water to see human rights abuses and atrocities going on. But right here in Australia we have our own issues of concern. The primary issue that came up was Australia’s handling of asylum seekers, which gets a fair bit of airplay on Something in Common.

But there are many other issues going on that a lot of people don’t see as ‘human rights’ issues, but still affect them. Things like unequal pay, bullying, discrimination, and the plight some elderly find themselves in.

These websites aren’t meant to be table-bashing, furrowed-eyebrowed polemics. They show real people’s inspiring stories about what they’re doing about these sorts of issues. And hopefully those stories will encourage and motivate us to think about what we can do too.