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TAFE Northern Sydney Institute website redesign

TAFE Northern Sydney Institute website

TAFE Northern Sydney Institute website

The brief to redesign the website for TAFE Northern Sydney Institute was essentially to connect students with the right courses at the right campuses, and to promote the business services that TAFE NSI has to offer. Results of requirements workshops clearly indicated the search and browse paths that people preferred, as well as the various scenarios that are in place when they are looking for courses and campuses.

These lessons helped me and others at PTG Global to redesign the search and browse workflows and all page wireframes, so that they would display the right information on the right pages, to make course information as clear as possible to find, read and respond to.

There were several challenges in the interaction design. The main one was trying to unite all the different ways that people searched for course information in a clear, consistent pattern. This was overcome by organising an ‘advanced search’ (at the time titled more options) as a dynamically overlaid panel with options separated as course details, location details, and course delivery. Having in-page tabs for several column panels allowed us to stick to client’s requirements of including access to a lot of information in a relatively small space. Including a ‘super footer’ in the design was also a good opportunity to re-cut the content and functionality available on the website in ways not otherwise available through the navigation.

The information architecture schema, screenflows, wireframes and technical specification were then handed over for another company to create the visual design.

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