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OZ-IA is on again

OZ-IA, the Woodstock for Australia’s information architects, is on again – Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd October. It should be a hoot, and this year I’ll be speaking in one of the short-session slots.

The OZ-IA program content is pretty diverse – as it should be! – and includes topics such as Agile IA, information flow in social networking websites, case studies, and prototyping software reviews. And hopefully some industry war stories too.

Me, I’m looking forward to hearing from Matthew Hodgson’s take on IA practices, Mia Horrigan giving social networking websites’ IA a good shellacking, and Captain Matt Fisher on designing Defence software systems. I’ll be presenting on the psychology aspects that went into the personas, information model, navigation and user interface for

If you’re interested, there’s a poll going on which sessions people are looking forward to seeing. It’s good to see Matt reigning supreme.  ;)

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LivingGreener website home page home page centralises a lot of knowledge available on living more sustainably, especially government information about rebates, grants and loans available. Although there are many websites out there that tackle various aspects of sustainability and what we can do about it, this website’s unique strategic goal is to centralise lots of disparate informatio, encourage further activity, and increase the community’s awareness and uptake of rebates and grants available from the government.

I and other consultants were involved at PTG Global with the user experience design for LivingGreener, including:

  • Personas and want maps design based on user research, website traffic analysis and statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • Information architecture, including an overall conceptual model based on leading people at whatever point they were at, on a journey towards being more active to live more sustainably
  • User interface design, with wireframes and prototypes and working with content writers to structure content to integrate action points throughout the website

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