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Thank you, Australia Post

We arrived back from a holiday up on the Sunshine Coast to a bit of mail. To say it hadn’t survived the postal service in a good state would be a HUGE understatement; it was scrunched up and mangled to within an inch of its life.

Now, our mail is normally pretty blemish-free. It’s not like our letter box has a teeny tiny opening that makes it hard for the postie to get anything in there. And it’s not like the letter box was already full; it was otherwise empty. So how these christmas cards got into this state is amazing.

It would’ve actually taken a while for the postie to really exact this much damage on our mail, I mean LOOK at it. Maybe the postie had Christmas Rage (and who wouldn’t, really) and took out all his/her wrath and vengeance on our poor mail. Ah well. Postie: if it helped you cope with Christmas, I’m glad.