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Doing the mo for Movember

This year I’m joining the loads of other lads out there and growing a mo for Movember! Movember is a yearly charity event where anyone (usually male) can grow a mo and raise money and awareness for manly man-issues like prostate cancer and male depression.

At the end of it all is a big bash where all the face-furniture comes together in a grand exhibition of manly moustaches, and (I’m guessing) chest beating and generally celebrating being male.

Like a lot of things like this, it’s better in a group, so I’m seeing if I can meld my mo in with the team at Reactive (what do you reckon Carl?). The shot below shows previous experience, taken at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. I plan on a neater, more civilised tache this time…

Sporting a mo in IrelandMo - Day 1